European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

9th International LAB Meeting - Summer Session 2007 Didactic Material


Selection of the articles related to the working session on

Structural Approach to Social Representations

Advanced Courses on Analysis of Similarity

and Evoc Packages


“Women Future Managers’ and Women Managers Gender Identity Content” Dr Irina Bondarevskaya
Kostyk Institute of Psychology
“The reflux of the Romanian Labor force – specific patterns” Dr. Ana Leibovici
Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi
“The Social Representations of the Bologna process: “An exploratory study” Dr. Mioara Cristea
Al. I. Cuza University
“Social Representations of International Immigration in small cities in Chile.” Dr. Soledad Martinez Labrin
University of Barcelona
“Représentations Sociales du Pouvoir: La quête de l’ancrage culturel face à la théorie du pouvoir occidental” Dr. Risa Permanadeli
University of Jakarta
“L’élaboration d’une unite d’analyse dans le processus de resignification des représentations sociales.” Dr Nestor Pievi
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid