European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

8th International Summer School 2002 - Announcement


8th International Summer School of the European PhD on Social Representations & Communication

"Communication, Media and Social Representations"
New Media: Nets and Internet

Colonna Castle, Genazzano - Rome (ITALY), 1-9 June 2002


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The 2002 International Summer School, is entitled

"Communication, Media and Social Representations"
New Media: Nets and Internet

and is a part of the new 3 years cycle of the International Summer Schools (2001-4) promoted by the Co-ordinator of the European PhD on S.R. & C and supported by the European Commission (DGXII) under the High-Level Conferences (contract n° HPCF-CT-2001-00210). This follows the successful series of related scientific events realised between 1995 and 2000.

Beginning last year with a programme dedicated to "Communication: Language, Representations, Interactions", the goals of this new cycle of International Summer Schools are:

to widen participants’ knowledge of the theories, methodologies and applications of Communication Studies in relation to the Social Representations paradigm to develop technological knowledge about communication and interaction in ‘face to face’, mediated and virtual contexts to provide multidisciplinary and multi-methodological research training for participants to maintain the International Summer School’s role as the leading European forum for state of the art research and research training in Social Representations and Communication studies.
The International Summer School’s link with the European PhD on S.R. & C. ensures participation by young researchers from the 13 partner Universities in 8 different countries that are in the Euro PhD network. The programme is, however, also open to post-graduate doctoral students of any country, not just EU Member States. As with previous Summer Schools, interaction between researchers of different nationalities from EU Member and Associated States will be encouraged, as well as the participation of a few researchers working outside Europe (mainly from Canada, Latin America and the United States). As a Marie Curie Training Multipartner Organisation, including 8 partner Universities in 6 different European countries, from 2001 on, participation in International Summer School is also offered to Marie Curie Fellows as part of the training for the Euro PhD on S.R. & C.
In terms of scientific content, the 2002 International Summer School offers critical analysis and discussion of the relations between Communication, Media and Social Representations, developing a multidisciplinary theoretical framework and multi-methodological approach. First year programme content deals with the specific topics of "New Media and Social Representations: Nets and Internet" with particular attention to Forms and Communication Processes between global and local scenarios and Virtual interaction in "situated" contexts. Exemplary studies of different theoretical models will be presented to investigate the value added when social psychological empirical research on communication is examined in the light of sociology and mass communication.

In addition to the participation of the teaching staff of the Euro PhD on S.R. & C., and the founder of the S.R. theory, Serge Moscovici, internationally recognised scientists in sociology and mass communication have been invited to present lectures. The International Summer School will also develop technological knowledge about communication with participation by famous leading experts in the new media from large organisations and business enterprises.


Invited keynote speakers



Valérie Beaudouin


France Télécom/Branche Développement

Erik Cohen


Bar Ilan University

Brenda Danet

Israel / USA

Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Yale University, New Haven

Patrice Flichy


Université de Marne la Vallée