European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

Summer School 2010 - Participants Presentations


16th International Lab Meeting - Summer Session 2010

16th International Summer School on Social Representations and Communication

of the

European Ph.D. on Social Representations and Communication

"Social Representations and Sciences"




at the European PhD on Social Representations & Communication Research Center and Multimedia LAB

Piazza d'Ara Coeli 1, Rome - Italy

with worldwide multi-points connection via interactive web auditorium


16 - 27 July, 2010



Name and Surname

Title of Presentation


Ana Leibovici Hutanu

Leaving or staying? The Dilemma of the Romanian Immigrant in Italy


Sofiene Harabi

Between Communication and Social Representation: Stock Market as a Social Construction


Emilia Pascal

Social representation of the ideal romantic partner


Iulia Lazar Breaking the Boundaries: the Social Representation of Love


Grigore Havarneanu

Drivers' social representation of death as an outcome of road traffic accidents


Laura Dryjanska

Social Representations of the City of Warsaw


Alexandra Anghelus

Redefing values: Social Representation of Celebrity

8. Nicolae Dragusin Polemical Social Representations in Transition European Societies: the Case of Monarchy in Romania (1989 – 2009)
9. Yanira Albornoz Rios Media,  journalists  and  audience:  Social  Representations  of  politics    (Venezuelan  case)
10. Andrei Holman The  Social  Representations  of  Beauty  and  Esthetic   Surgery:  a  cross  –  cultural  analysis
11. Petr Sic Social  and  semantic  structure (through  fashion)
12. Clio Bulgarella Social Representations of the Stock Market
13. Siyu Sun An Exploratory Research on Mass Psychology and China's Stock Market
14. Katharina Gangl Trust in the economy in times of crisis – an analysis of social representations of experts and laypeople of the financial and economic crisis
15. Mioara Cristea The Influence of the Ideological-Global Context on Social Representations of the European Union
16. Magdalena Bobowik Coping with immigrant's stigma: perceived discrimination, social identity, individual and collective coping strategies, and well-being
17. Tani Pedreira Social Representations, Brazilian Authors, Mental Health and Theoretical Issues