European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

5th International LAB Meeting - Spring Session 2006 Key Lecture



Name and Surname Title of Presentation
Dr. Elena Bocci

1. Spad-N and the Multiple Correspondence Analysis: theoretical background and technical procedures.

2. Applying Spad-N and Spad-T in the empirical investigation on Social Representations

Prof Alain Clemence

1. Social representing and social positioning: Theoretical perspectives

2. Social representing and social positioning: Empirical illustration.

Prof. Annamaria de Rosa

Scientific co-ordination of the whole event.

Introducing the training session on Spad in relation to the approach of Geneva school.

Introducing the interactive session on: Looking at the Geneva school literature from the perspective of the meta-theoretical analysis.

Interviews with the protagonists of the theory.

Prof. Fabio Lorenzi Cioldi Uniqueness: Studies on an organizing principle in contemporary advertizing practices.