European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

40th International Lab Meeting (26th International Summer School 2020)


- Scientific Materials -






26th International Summer School 2020 - Scientific Materials

International Thematic Workshop

Migration studies and inclusive policies

from social, developmental and educational perspective

Rome (Italy), 21st – 23rd September 2020


Selected References related to the invited Key lecture 


When We Help Outsiders:

A Bigger Picture, and Some Subtle Mechanisms"



Paul A.M. Van Lange

VU Amsterdam

The Netherlands


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Selected References related to the invited Key lecture 


" Views of Forced Migration:

Key Issues and Debates

from an inter-disciplinary perspective"




Giorgia Donà

University of East London



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Selected References related to the invited Key lecture 


" A review of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Italy:

Where is the psychological research going "




Gerald Echterhoff

University of Muenster



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Selected References related to the invited Key lecture 


" Towards a Psychology of Refugee Integration "



Giorgia Margherita

University of Naples



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Selected References related to the invited Key lecture 


" We are in the same boat!

Immigration Within and Towards Europe:

a long-standing variable phenomenon between factual elements,

social representations and media discourse "



Alessia Rochira

University of Salento, Lecce



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Selected References related to the invited Key lecture 


" Media and involuntary immigrants:

a study of social representations in Brazil two years

before and after the 2017 new Migration Law "



Andréia Isabel Giacomozzi

Universidade Federal

de Santa Catarina - UFSC


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Selected References related to the invited Key lecture 


" Newcomers’ integration in Canada

in the light of their life world:

How are social representations and social experiences involved

in the immigration process?"




Lilian Negura

University of Ottawa


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Selected References related to the invited Key lecture 


" Crossing the Atlantic

to reach the promised land Canada:

the ‘Mirror Effect’ and the Social Representation of a Refugee

in Canadian Caseworkers"




Corinne Buhay Simeoni

University of Ottawa



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Selected References related to the invited Key lecture 


" Fifty Years of Psychological Acculturation Research and Theory:

Theoretical Advancements and Methodological challenges"




David Lackland Sam

University of Bergen


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Selected References related to the invited Key lecture 


" How all students can belong and achieve approaches to cultural diversity in schools "




Maja Schachner

University of Potsdam



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Selected References related to the invited Key lecture 


" The ideal immigrant is a married man.

Analyzing Canadian (and Quebecois) immigration policies

through intersectional lenses "




Sonia Ben Soltane

University of Ottawa


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Complementary references related to Migration Studies and Social Representations


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