European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

3rd International LAB Meeting - Summer Session 2005 Social Event



3rd International LAB Meeting - Summer Session 2005

11th International Summer School

Social Representations in Action and Construction in Media and Society

"Applying the Facet Theory and Statistical Analysis via HUDAP software to Research on Social Representations: Computer Mediated Training Sessions, both Theoretical and Methodological"

at the European PhD on Social Representations & Communication Multimedia LAB & Research Center, Rome-Italy

with a Joint Session with the "10th International Facet Theory Conference"

From 2nd to 10th July 2005



Social Events


Sunday 3 – 0:1:00 p.m          

Brunch at Hotel FortySeven Panoramic Terrace

Thursday 7 – 05:30 p.m. 

Meeting Point at the European Ph.D. on S.R. & C Multimedia LAB

Thursday 7 – 07:00 p.m.      

European Ph.D Title Award and Gala Dinner at Hotel Forty Seven Panoramic Terrace


with the participation of

Nino Dazzi, Pro-Rector

Francesco Avallone, Pro-Rector, Dean of Faculty of Psychology 2 - "La Sapienza"

Roberto Palumbo, Pro-Rector Dean of Faculty of Architecture - "La Sapienza"

Guido Cimino, Member of "La Sapienza" Scientific Board of the European Ph.D. on S.R. & C.

Antonella Cammisa, Head of Division IX - International Relations - "La Sapienza"

Rosalba Natale, Head of Division IV - Students - "La Sapienza"

Cristina Paolotti, Head of Administrative Section for Doctoral Programs - "La Sapienza"



Hotel Forty Seven