European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

39th International Lab Meeting: Winter Session 2020 List of Speakers


List of Speakers


Name and Surname Nationality Home Institution Title of Presentation
Prof. Annamaria de Rosa Italian

Sapienza University of Rome


Science production and dissenmination in the Social Representations scientific community.

"Who" has collaborated "with whom",

"on what" and "when",

"from witch institutional affiliation's Country/Continent"

Dr. Antonio Zinilli Italian


National Research Council


·         Social Network Analysis

                   Intensive Introductive Training Seminar                                                                                      

  Example of the application of the Social Network Analysis                                                                                       in the field of Science Production and Dissemination

Dr. Martina Latini Italian

Sapienza University of Rome


Quality control step by step of the use                                                                                                of the SoReCom “A.S. de Rosa” @-library