European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

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Coordinator  Creator Producer and Owner of Copyrights for all Multimedia Tools, Good Practice Management Guidelines
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Commercial Companies and "Violet" Partners European Doctoral Programme Good Practice Management Guidelines
Specialised ODL Networks "Pink" Partners Comprehensive Bibliographical & Meta-Analysed Inventory
All Multimedia tools
Scientific "blue" and "yellow" Partners

belonging to the European Ph.D. Marie Curie Networks

International Sumer Schools
EuroConference Advanced Search Engine
Socrates & Vinci Networks Intelligent Virtual Library
Virtual Campus
Trainee Researchers

belonging to the European Ph.D. Marie Curie Networks

Comprehensive Bibliographical & Meta-Analysed Inventory VideoChat & Moderated Thematic Forum
Advanced Search Engine
Intelligent Virtual Library
Virtual Campus
Larger Specialized Scientific Community in and out of Europe "Light" and "Dark" Green Partners All tools & Products
Comprehensive Bibliographical Inventory (in a larger stage)
Member or Affiliates of the International Association

of Social Representations

Enlarged Scientific Community not Specialized in the Field: "Dark red" Eligible Partners European Doctoral Programe
Good Practice Management