European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

Monitoring the So.Re.Com.THE.NET. project


Programme Management of the So.Re.Com. THEmatic NETwork

In accordance with the scientific organisational structureof the already existing Socrates Euro PhD on S.R. & C. network

Euro PhD Programme Director in co-operation with the Scientific Co-ordinator of the So.Re.Com. THEmatic NETwork


quality control of the scientific programme – mainly in terms of content development
EuroPhD Scientific Boards

So.Re.Com THEmatic NETwork Evaluation Board

Representatives of Socrates EuroPh.D. Network Universities

Scientific Coordinator of the So.Re.Com.THEmatic NETwork Project Originator and deliverables supplier plus external guest experts belonging to the

So.Re.Com.thematic neTwork

 invited to participate in the production of the deliverables

Core Executive Committee

In terms of content development, the project's quality will be monitored jointly by the Scientific Co-ordinator of the So.Re.Com.THE.NET. and Programme Director of the European PhD on Social Representations and Communication.

 The Scientific Co-ordinator also guarantees the quality of working conditions for the development of the multimedia tools and dissemination efforts. The development and dissemination of the deliverables are the responsibility of the Scientific Co-ordinator in co-operation with guest representatives of the So.Re.Com.THE.NET Core Scientific Board.  Different academic partners (subgroups) will contribute to development of various phases of the project.

 Due to the network's very large size, the So.Re.Com. THE.NET has been divided into sub-networks.  These have different degrees of proximity to the core producer and supplier of the outputs, depending on their longstanding expertise and commitment to providing scientific input in this specialised field, or, their more recent or peripheral interest in the area.  (see partnership composition).

As Project Originator and deliverables supplier, the co-ordinating Institution (University of Rome, "La Sapienza") is the administrative centre and will ensure the smooth management of the project, account for funds spent and report on outcomes.

The University of Rome “La Sapienza” is responsible for the production of meeting content and timetables  and coordinates results and actions for implementation.

The first activity of each year will be dedicated to  coordination for future activities and the monitoring for those already completed..

Regular meetings of the Scientific Co-ordinator of the So.Re.Com. THE.NET and the Programme Director of the European PhD,  will be held in order to plan the agenda and to monitor the quality of the So.Re.Com.thematic neTwork programme, including, on request, guest experts from outside the network.

In addition to coordination and planning meetings, intensive meetings for output monitoring and validating will be held during the International Summer Schools which provide a unique opportunity for cross validation from different kinds of users among experts and  doctoral students.

In addition, coordination among  all the  partners will be achieved via the Web through EDF supported Audio and Video-conferences and  the Auditorium supported by Marratech.  During these  partners will be invited to express their ideas and  priorities to contribute to the project. In co-operation with the other commercial partners and ODL labs (the ”violet” and “pink” eligible partners of the above described consortium), the multimedia lab of the Euro PhD on S.R. & C., fully equipped for videoconferencing via Internet, will provide extra facilities for distant virtual meetings and experiments in the co-production phase of the multimedia tools.  This overcomes the limitations of  one-to-one asynchronous communication, such as  E-mail.

The University of Rome “La Sapienza” will coordinate  input from the different partners and implement the consequent activities.

Project activities are to be considered as a continuous work flow from the various scientific, professional, industrial, and governmental partners, coordinated by the first contractor who has a pre-eminent role in project design and technical, scientific and administrative coordination.