European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

Description of the Doctoral Training

The research training to be provided by the multi-partner Training Site is in Social Representation and Communication studies and is open to multidisciplinary and multi-methodological approaches (experimental and field work). This research area is concerned with the social construction and representation of a particular object (e.g. politics, national and supra-national identities, economics, un-employment, new forms of job, new technologies, science, environment, health-illness, gender studies and family relationship, human rights, etc.) and related scientific theories transformed into everyday knowledge.

The Marie Curie Multi Partner Training Site is based on a network of 8 university research groups in 6 EU countries (E, F, FIN, I, P, UK) chosen from the 13 universities in 8 countries (A, CH, E, I, F, FIN, P, UK) delivering the European PhD on Social Representations and Communication (henceforth "Euro PhD"). It is a well-established, EU-approved training structure which has been successfully training post-graduates from EU and non-EU countries since 1996. The Euro PhD is a doctorate by PhD thesis (3-year minimum) supplying advanced research training in the area of social representations and communication.