European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

Application Form

Application procedure

1) Download the application form and fill in the parts in grey (other parts will be completed by the co-ordinator of the Euro PhD). 
Guidance notes can be downloaded, to help you filling in the application form correctly.
Send the completed form back to following e-mail address:

2) Send us a brief curriculum vitae in English indicating:

  • at the top your name and complete address (& e-mail)
  • what studies the candidate concluded, what type of formation he/she has, with evaluations
  • knowledge of foreign languages
  • other information considered relevant by the applicant (publications, previous research training, etc.)

3) Send us a presentation of your doctoral research project at the present state (max. 2 A4 pages)
Your project must be recognised as an integral part of your doctoral studies.  Only projects that ensure your active full-time participation are eligible.

4) Send us at least one letter of recommendation, requested from a person in a position to evaluate the academic performance, such as a letter from professor(s) or research supervisors at the home university.

5) Send us a photocopy of your passport.


Send the application form (1), curriculum vitae (2) and doctoral research project (3) by e-mail and the other documents by fax to the Co-ordinator of the Marie Curie Training Site:

Prof. Annamaria Silvana de Rosa
European Ph.D.on S.R.& C. Research Center and Multimedia Lab
Università degli Studi "La Sapienza" Facoltà di Psicologia

Piazza dell'Ara Coeli, 1 - 00186 Rome -Italy
Tel n. 0039 06 380814
Fax n. 0039-06-69294280

DEADLINE: There are no more deadlines.

There was a continuous selection of candidates (2000-2004). 48 Marie CURIE FELLOWS HAVE RECEIVED A CONTRACT. In case of future contract, information will be available on the web site.