European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

Shared Regulation

Approval of the Shared Regulation

  • Based on a Regulation approved by the Academic Senates of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy (10-09-1996), l’ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal (27-03-1996) and the University of Helsinki, Finland (30-04-1996) – later transformed into the Institutional Contracts signed by all the partner universities’ Rectors with the European Commission (DGXXII) - and revised in the International Agreement signed by the Rector/President of the University of Rome Sapienza, ITALY (24-1-2007), Aix-Marseille University, FRANCE (29-1-2007), Paul-Valéry University of Montpellier III, FRANCE (11-01-2008), University Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iasi, ROMANIA (25-1-2007), Masaryk University, Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC (19-11-2007), Universidad del Pais Vasco, SPAIN (07-04-2014), Universitat de Valencia, SPAIN (24-11-2014) in accordance with the new Regulations on Doctorate approved by the Academic Senate of the coordinating university, the University of Rome Sapienza (24-10-2006) – the program has been fully operational in all the network universities since 1996.
  • Consequently, it has become a long-term acquisition developed thanks to the contributions of the Socrates programme and the Marie Curie Multipartner Organisation.
  • During the academic year 2001-2002, this doctorate was for the first time officially made part of the XVII research doctorate cycle of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and a three-year scholarship was granted to the best of the European/International Joint PhD in SR & C candidates, chosen by the Executive Committee also in the following cycles. The Rector and Academic Senate officially announced in its meeting on May 30, 2002 that they would guarantee the continuity of this doctoral education curriculum at the European level.
  • The acquisition of prestigious facilities has been an important development in the logistical organization of the activities connected to the European/International Joint PhD in SR & C, including the scientific secretariat, educational activities and the installation of a Multi-media Lab and Research Centre, located in the historic centre of Rome (Piazza Cavalieri di Malta, 2).