European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

Founding University

During the academic year 2001-2002, this doctorate was for the first time officially made part of the XVII research doctorate cycle of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and a three-year scholarship was granted to the best of the Italian European Doctorate on Social Representations and Communication candidates, chosen by the Executive Committee. In the XVIII (2002-03) and XIX cycle (2003-04), it obtained three more grants and the Rector and Academic Senate officially announced in its meeting of 30-5-2002 to guarantee the continuity of this doctoral education curriculum at the European level and to provide new scholarships each year.

The acquisition of a prestigious facility has been an important development in the logistical organisation of the activities connected to the European/International Joint PhD in Social Representations and Communication, including the scientific secretariat, educational activities and the installation of a Multi-media Lab and Research Centre, located in the historic centre of Rome (Piazza d’Ara Coeli, 1).

On May 19th 2009 the Academic Senate of Sapienza University of Rome has approved the foundation of a Co-ordination Programme for Joint European/International Doctorates – following the approvals of both the Doctorate Committee (on March 11th 2009) and International Relations Committee (April 1st 2009) – which will support this new organisational structure as a transversal action.

The programme, which was directed by Prof. Annamaria Silvana de Rosa, included the following doctorates:

  • European/International Joint PhD in Social Representations and Communication
  • European PhD on Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies
  • International PhD in Astrophysics
  • European/International PhD in Cognitive, Social and Affective Neuroscience

The following results and activities have been achieved by the Sapienza Co-ordination Programme on Joint European/International Doctorates:


For more information about the European/International Joint PhD in Social Representations and Communication, please consult the guide.