European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

Selecting Candidates European Board

The recruitment and selection of new candidates is made by central committees (European/International Joint Ph.D. Executive Committee and European/International Joint Ph.D. Recruitment Board) on the basis of a multi-step process.

A common web portal to centralise and unify information was adopted for the recruitment process to stimulate applications from potential candidates by promoting transparency and consistency in information provided. It therefore avoids creating a situation where in different institutions or countries, guidelines and even admission criteria might be not accessible to all on equal terms. Centralised selection of applicants is also an opportunity to share responsibility from the outset of the applicants' relationship with the program. It is also an opportunity for partners to share their views and compare them with those of colleagues, and, while examining candidates, an opportunity to reflect on the program and its development.

Adopting centralised models for both scientific coordination and administrative procedures has the great advantage of having candidates enrolled at the network rather than the local university level.

European/International Joint Ph.D. and other applicants will be treated on an equal basis and selected on the basis of excellence. All applications will include a proposed research project, curriculum vitae (with transcript of academic records) and letters of recommendation. A preliminary assessment of applications is conducted by the Core Executive Committee, composed of the Honorary Programme Director, the Programme Director and representatives of the European/International Joint Ph.D. Scientific Board from universities which formally recognise the European/International Joint Ph.D. qualification.

Final admission is determined by the European/International Joint Ph.D. Recruitment Board which is composed of experts who may or may not be from belonging European/International Joint Ph.D. partner Universities, but who are designated by the representatives of the institutions participating in the Executive Committee. Admission to the program is based on a comparative evaluation of the scientific quality of applications and compatibility of doctoral studies in accordance with principles of selectivity and transparency.

The Core Executive Committee will designate the tutors appropriate to the preferences indicated by the candidates, taking into account the distribution of tutorial assignments among all members of the European Scientific Teaching Staff and in agreement with the European/International Joint Ph.D. Scientific Board (i.e. representatives of each partner university) or other institutions and research centres from outside the European/International Joint Ph.D. network.

After selection, the national and two foreign tutors are responsible for the supervision of each Ph.D. candidate in all aspects of his/her training.