European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication


In the first instance, you will need to prepare a research proposal giving details of your proposed thesis, and to choose a national tutor among the members of the European/International Joint PhD network named in the application form.

In order to better integrate the research trainees within the networked scientific activities and cross-national research teams of the European/International Joint PhD in S.R. & C., it is advisable that your research proposal falls within the topics of one of the 13 main research teams (for more information on the research teams, please consult the following webpage:

It is not compulsory for you to get in touch with the three potential tutors before sending your application and before being hopefully recruited. However, if you are already in contact with one or more of the research leaders of the main research teams, please indicate his/her/their names in the application form and attach his/her/their letter of references to your documentation, eventually declaring his/her/their willingness to be your tutor and to integrate you in his/her/their research team. The national tutor may also suggest the names of two foreign supervisors (to be indicated in the application form), who might be interested and available to be your tutors during your staying abroad (as requested by the regulations of the European/International Joint PhD programme).

There is no strict form of application for the research proposal itself (see Guidelines for the preparation for the short proposal). However the attached sheet (see Guidelines for the evaluation of the research 'project' - 'study') shows you the outline of the shared criteria for the evaluation of the project jointly requested by the European/International Joint PhD committee to the tutors.