European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

So.Re.Com. Joint-IDP Entrance Procedure

Contrary to the traditional model focussed on individual research projects, the first So.Re.Com. Joint-IDP call for vacancy launched in 2014 was focussed in one main unified research program framework - articulated into a priority list of 13 specific focussed empirical investigations offered to the ESR applicants - guided by the main goal of empirically and systematically evaluating the impact of the scientific production driven by the Social Representations theory in the social arena faced with social demand. In fact, rather than encouraging more individualised and fragmented applicant’s research proposals, the priority scientific task is to take stock of this supra-disciplinary research field by conducting a systematic meta-theoretical analysis of the literature, mapping the development of different paradigms, the related research methods, the thematic areas, their impact on the various applied fields and the new emerging research directions within the multi-generational community of scientists and across different geo-cultural contexts.

In particular, this specific call for fellowship 2015 concerns the research focus aimed at: Taking stock of the literature in the thematic field of "Social Representations, Community & Health"

Candidates apply directly to the So.Re.Com. Joint-IDP Scientific Co-ordinator using the application form available on the website of the So.Re.Com. Joint-IDP. Besides general personal information, applicants are required to provide:


  1. a brief curriculum in English and a description of their motivations and the previous background in Social Psychology and more specifically Social Representations which will enable them to pursue the research project on Taking stock of the literature in the thematic field of "Social Representations, Community & Health"
  2. a five-page paper (plus 2 pages of bibliography): two pages related to the overall project of the call and three on a specific research focus aimed at comparatively evaluating the previous background of the applicants in the scientific field and eventually their prior knowledge specifically in Social Representations regarding their preferred specific project among those specified in the call for application
  3. Letters of recommendation by at least two persons in a position to evaluate the academic performance, such as letters from professors or research supervisors at the home University
  4. Copy of the original academic title (in digital format) which satisfies the entrance requirements for admission to the doctoral programme, considered as the 3rd cycle within the European Higher Education and Research Area (model 3 + 2 + 3 which is parallel to the American pattern BA/MA/Ph.D.).
  5. Transcript of records and any other documentation on previous training in Social Sciences (especially in Social Psychology with interests in Communication Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, History etc.).
  6. Copy of certificates demonstrating advanced knowledge of English (if not mother-tongue) and of at least another European language.
  7. List of publications (if any)
  8. Recent passport-size colour photograph (in digital format)
  9. Copy of passport cover and personal information pages (in digital format)


The above mentioned application and supporting documents should be sent via email to: before the established deadline (15 February 2015)