European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

Social Representations, Community and Health Applied Research

  • XII.1. Social representations, social practices and quality of life; community-based health research and social representations of health-diseases and therapies in a multicultural society; quality of life and representations of the condition of the elderly; collective symbolic coping with disease threat and othering: the case study of avian influenza; marginalization and health; medical anthropology approach to document sociopolitical contexts in which dominant discourses surrounding life cycle events are produced, and to comprehend the experience of people going through it; vulnerability and psychosocial process of regulation of wellness, collective vulnerability and normative social representations; social inclusion of substance abusers social psychological consequences of fear of death (terror management theory with particular attention to death thoughts and suicide); the phenomena of individual and collective suicide from a psycho-social perspective; uxoricide as a result of the conflict of mentalities between the women's liberation and the honour complex: Aix-Marseille University, University of Montpellier III – France; University of San Sebastian and Valencia - Spain; University of Lausanne and Geneva – Switzerland; University of Belgrano – Argentina; Universidad de Santa Catarina – Brazil; University of Ottawa – Canada; University of Nankai – China;
  • XII.2. Health, subjective and social dimensions related to chronic illness experience, communication physicians/patients, drugs and social representations; chronic diseases and emotional burn-out: Aix-Marseille University – France; University of Basque Country – Spain; University of Ottawa – Canada; University of Belgrano - Argentina
  • XII.3. Social representations of madness and mental illness in “naives” and “professionals” belonging to different cultural contexts; iconographic archaeology of madness in the history of art and in social representations of children, adults and experts of different formation: Sapienza University of Rome – Italy; University of Valencia - Spain; University of Montpellier III – France
  • XII.4. Social representations of body and of illness (cancer, AIDS, skin diseases): medical innovation and social communication, health behaviours and proximal factors; health and work; common sense theories about health and illness, aging: Aix-Marseille University – France; Universidade de Santa Catarina – Brazil; University of OttawaCanada; Santa Catarina (LACCOS-Social Psychology of Communication and Cognition Laboratory) – Brazil
  • XII.5. Social Representations of the body, female-male beauty and aesthetic surgery in people and media: cross-cultural analysis of interrelated social representations. ; Sapienza University of Rome – Italy; University “A.I. Cuza” Iasi – Romania; Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (LACCOS-Social Psychology of Communication and Cognition Laboratory) – Brazil