European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

Social Representations, Advertising, Marketing and Organizational Contexts

  • XI.1. Brand images, consumption behaviours and the mediating role of social representations; strategic identity analysis (personality profiles) and differential identity of companies, institutions and local communities; social identity dynamics in advertising and application of social psychological theories of influence; Web2.0 corporate identity management: Aix-Marseille University and University of Montpellier III – France; Sapienza University of Rome – Italy; University of Geneva, Switzerland; ContattoLavoro s.r.l. - Italy; ; CONERI – Sweden.
  • XI.2. Social representations “of” and “in” organizational contexts: individual, group and organizational culture: University of Basque Country – Spain, Aix-Marseille University and University of Montpellier – France; ContattoLavoro s.r.l. - Italy; Sapienza University of Rome – Italy
  • XI.3. Employer Branding Company Profile Survey (EBCP-S), designed on the company target of attracting the best talents; Web Marketing Strategies in the Employer Branding Field: Social Representations of Career Websites and Facebook Fan Pages; e- Recruiting and company websites; management of the social networks on the company website. Early Stage Researcher Careers, Job opportunities and networking facilities in and outside academia through dedicated web-platform: Contatto lavoro – Italy; Sapienza University of Rome – Italy; Elsevier – Netherlands.