European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication


SITE for the introductory bibliographic stage:

At one's own University by national tutor and at network universities by foreign tutors.

By mediated access to an on-line database and its related virtual library on the European/International Joint PhD web-site periodically updated with a double quality control filter by the Programme Director with a scientific committee of experts.

Research trainees are also trained by the Programme Director prof. Annamaria de Rosa in meta-theoretical analysis of the bibliographic material in their own subject area during the Winter Session of the International Lab Meeting. The contribution of each research trainee will thus cooperate to enable mapping out of a complete, fully researched bibliography for social representations and communication.

individual tutoring and co-tutoring + virtual mobility
SITE OF COURSES for yearly International Summer School and International Lab Meetings:

During the implementation phase of the programme the International Summer School was held at various network Universities.

However, since its diffusion as “best practice” in 1999 and thanks to the acquisition of a dedicated infrastructure, the yearly international Summer School and International Lab Meetings have been held regularly at Sapienza University, which has organised a series of 60 high level scientific training events (24 International Summer Schools and 36 International Lab Meetings).

Group tutoring + International mobility of research trainees and teaching staff
All participant universities involved in the mobility of professors and experts exchanges
didactic settings
Face-to-Face and on-line INTERACTIVE SUPERVISION:
Besides individual and group face to face tutoring, all partner universities provide the research trainees with access to the didactic use of the web site of the European/International PhD in S.R. & C. (tutoring and co-tutoring on-line, forum discussions, European/International Joint PhD web-auditorium, e-mail)
virtual mobility
Multi-media CD-ROM, multi-point video-conferences via European/International Joint PhD web Auditorium and access to distance learning courses on Internet, also in the co-operation with trans-European network specialised in O.D.L. and with CONERI Swedish company.
virtual mobility