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Moscow state technological Academy

Department of management of innovation technologies 

The Moscow State University of Technologies and Management (MSTUTM) (till 08.10.03. The Moscow State Technological Academy)  is one of leading higher education institutions of the Russian Federation in the branch of distant education which prepares the specialists of wide range on the following directions - economics, law, psicology, education science, management, High Tech, informatics, techologies for the processing industry.

The main attention is payed to the development of distant education structure wich by now occupies the 90 % of the educational activity of the university. Thus we provide almost of the territory of the Russian Federation with distance education in order to increase the number of graduated students even in the farest parts of our country for the humanitarian and technological complex.

During its activity The Moscow State University of Technologies and Management has brought a considerable contribution: prepared the specialists with the wide skills, developed numerous researches, made discoveries in the field of psycology, economy, engineering and technology. Now the University and its 91 regional representatives trough all the territory of Russian Federation has more than 43 thousand students, and PhD students. For the quantity of the students  and the spector of the educational services it has the 2nd place in Russia and the 6 th in Moscow.

By now the Rector of the University is Prof  Oleg Filatov, autor of the numerous works in economics, educational science and theory and practice of distant education.

The University has 5 faculties, 9 educational branches, 27 specialities.

Educational and scientific process at university is  carried out  by the highly skilled academic staff - around 1000 professors and doctors who work at 32 departments.