Our greetings
to the Honorary Director of the European/International Joint PhD
in Social Representations and Communication.

His work will follow him:
Moscovici's monumental contribution to knowledge.

Ciao Serge,
we will not be alone.
You have been so generous leaving to us and to the humanity your knowledge,
documented in an immense scientific production and institutional activities:
the best guide for our intellectual journey.

Your work will follow you …..

Our/their works will follow you

Dearest Serge,
you too will not be alone.
We/they will try to deserve the gift of your knowledge, wisdom and friendship, disseminating and developing your thought, your life vision and cultivating our friendship through the people who love or will learn to love your work.



We continue to devote our life to realize the dream of a comprehensive digital library dedicated to the dissemination of the Social Representations theory. We hope to be able to release soon the open access SoReCom “A.S. de Rosa” @-library, that we are developing since 20 years, and currently under a profound technological transition to a new web platform. It will include the whole scientific production in Social Representations produced worldwide inspired by the theory on Social Representations.

Research training


Snapshots of shared life memories