European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication


Download PDF: EUA Maastricht Conference 28-10-2004

The general teaching/learning strategy of the European/International Joint PhD in S.R. & C. is to examine the following aspects of social representations and communication:

  1. Historical and theoretical aspects
  2. Methodological aspects
  3. Fieldwork and applications
  4. Current comparative European research projects

The didactic structure within this overall strategy is highly innovative. As the system of open distance learning (outlined below 1-6) makes clear, European/International Joint PhD research trainees are involved in an interlocking system of virtual and physical mobility which allows for considerable flexibility in catering for students research needs while at the same time guaranteeing individual tutoring and interactive learning.
The basic didactic structure of the European/International Joint PhD in S.R. & C. is composed of:

  1. Intensive preliminary stage at national universities aimed at acquiring bibliographic knowledge;
  2. Intensive high level didactic stage (International Summer School);
  3. Seminars and advanced courses;
  4. Multi-media and distance interactive learning;
  5. Tutoring and co-tutoring according to shared criteria.

Within this framework, research trainees are required to relocate abroad researching in different countries. This unique feature of the European/International Joint PhD programme enables research trainees to work alongside their foreign tutors in a new and stimulating research environment. Research trainees obligations also include (1) submitting an extended yearly report to be presented in the dedicated training session during the International Summer Schools - and a bibliography on the research undertaken and (2) maintaining regular communication with their tutors.

The above training is characterised by a multidisciplinary and multi-method approach. As the attached descriptions of individual training sites indicate, each network university site has special expertise in a particular methodological approach to research in social representations. The research trainee is thus exposed to a variety of complementary methodological approaches.