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International Conference and Workshops on Higher Education, Partnership and Innovation

The aim of the IHEPI is to offer an integrated platform for various actors of higher education, research, business and innovation to connect and improve communication among them, and as a consequence, to create a network of experts engaged in establishing of a knowledge-based economy. IHEPI conference and workshops presents a timely opportunity not only to discuss, but also to identify the prospects and the possibilities for involvement in an expanding range of activities under this evolving initiative at the level of the Union. It represents an occasion where interested universities, research centres and business organisations connect their purposes and priorities to those of potential future partners.

The mission of UCP-SARnet is to:

  • promote community leadership that is mindful of cultural diversity and welcomes the opportunity that this diversity brings.
  • disseminate knowledge about the impact of cultural context on the organization of community programs, and instill global perspectives on local community issues.
  • become a resource of visions, ideas, and solutions for community practitioners, faculty members, and students worldwide.
  • encourage engagement of universities with local communities and facilitate development of new participatory research projects that compel concrete social action.
  • become a model for using informational technology in facilitating multicultural dialog and collaboration on community issues.
EuroPACE is a trans-European network of universities and their partners in education and training, i.e. private enterprises, regional and professional organisations and public authorities. EuroPACE has approximately 60 member organisations all over Europe, 45 of which are universities. Through the use of different models EuroPACE 2000 demonstrates and develops the potential of telematics for the European university of the future and thus contributes to the realisation of the concept of lifelong learning.