European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

International Conferences on Social Representations

Since its first edition in 1992, the International Conference on Social Representations (ICSR) has been established as an important international event and forum for the study of social representations focusing on theoretical, methodological and applied aspects, all of these being relevant both for the scientific community and for society.

The ICSR is held biannually, alternating an organization in and outside Europe

  • 2016: Marseille, France
  • 2014: Sao Paulo, Brazil 
  • 2012: Evora, Portugal
  • 2010: Gammarth, Tunisia
  • 2008: Bali, Indonesia
  • 2006: Rome, Italy
  • 2004: Montreal, Canada
  • 2002: Stirling, Scotland
  • 2000: Guadalajara, Mexico
  • 1998: Mexico City, Mexico
  • 1996: Aix-en-Provence, France,
  • 1994: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • 1992: Ravello, Italy

Hundreds of researchers, professors, students, institutions, various organizations as well as general public (social workers, policy makers, professionals in various fields related to societal issues and communication) from all five continents (and in particular from Europe, Canada and Latin-American countries) are attracted to take part in order to discuss, integrate as well as create new knowledge. The capacity to attract a progressively larger number of scholars has been demonstrated by the participation in the previous seven conferences: from almost hundred participants registered in the First International Conference on Social Representations held in 1992 in Ravello (Italy) to the last conference in 2004 in Guadalajara Mexico with over 1200 participants.

The multilingual character (three official languages: English, French, Spanish) and multicultural nature of these scientific events are reflected by the alternation in the choice of Continents as the conference locations.